Guide to Finding Fossils in Antelope Creek

Geology of the Area:

Antelope Creek is an outcropping of the Chico Formation, a geological strata found in Northern California and Southern Oregon containing fossils of the Campanian age in the Cretaceous period. Dinosaur fauna have been recovered from the area, but Antelope Creek mainly contains mollusks.

Paleontology of the Fossils:

Fossils found near Antelope creek consist of Santonian-Campanian ammonites and inoceramid bivalves. Additionally, Hyphantoceras venustum, Baculites capensis, Bostrychoceras elongatum, Inoceramus schmidti and Baculites chicoensis have been found in the area.

Works Cited:

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  1. Derle Gilliam

    I believe the map marker for antelope creek fossils is placed in the wrong area. I have collected ammonites periodically from antelope creek. I would love to move the marker to the right area, if I could. the coords are lat 40.235388, long -121.875833. Thanks!

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