Where to Find Fossils at Surfer’s Knoll

Geology: Very similar to that of other Ventura fossil sites such as:

Coal Point: link

Rincon Point: link

Ojai Trails: link

Sespe Wilderness: link

Paleontology: Black fossil bone about 14-15 inches long, which was found in a layer of sand that was cut into by the waves, was submitted on November 18th, 2016.

Other: If you have any input that would help identify the fossil, feel free to contact us and we will update this find.


9 thoughts on “Where to Find Fossils at Surfer’s Knoll

  1. Pam Lindsey says:

    My husband is a paleontologist. He says that black colored bone, if truly a fossil and not just a discolored modern bone, appears to be the metatarsal bone of a bison. If it is not old, it is simply a cow bone.

  2. stygimoloch84 says:

    This bone is either an artiodactyl metacarpal or metatarsal. The best way to tell which is to look at the proximal end. If it looks like a letter “D” in cross-section, then it is a metacarpal. If it looks like an “O”, then it’s a metatarsal. It’s hard to tell from the photos.

  3. K. Dearborn says:

    I’m sure someone has already commented that this looks like a cannon bone – the lower leg bone of an ungulate. It is more robust than would be expected for a deer, it looks more like bison.

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