Fossils Found at Half Moon Bay


Scallop imprint found on beach:


Other Fossil Sites Nearby:

Bolinas Lagoon: link

Mt. Diablo: link

Pleasanton Sunol Road: link

6 thoughts on “Fossils Found at Half Moon Bay

  1. Anne

    I was just there yesterday and I found one that is almost exactly like that along with a handful of other smaller fossilized shell fragments. I found your post as I was looking for more information on Half Moon Bay as it was my first visit and I had no idea that it was a fossil site.

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  4. corie mattar

    Hi, I’m trying to identify a large rock I found in Half Moon Bay several years ago. Is it possible to upload a photo, or do you have, or know of a forum that could help? FYI it’s white outside, grey inside, swiss cheese like holes, and fractures easily, straight lines. Almost seems like the squirrels are breaking and stealing chunks. Anyways thank you for your time.

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