Fossils Found at Elk Grove

Submitted July 24, 2019.

Found coming up from the surface of ash and fine rock deposits in Elk Grove. Unsure what they might be.

6 thoughts on “Fossils Found at Elk Grove

    1. I also have found some of these “ammonites or gastropods” in my horse pasture when we disc the field. I live in Wilton, quite near EG. I also think some are dinosaur bone pieces. Perhaps from water transit deposition from up above us in the foothills. You know,….the rivers of gold that are now underground here and there in this part of Sac county. LMK. I was thinking about trying to find someone from Sierra JC to have a look or at least an email sent to see what they really are and why so close to the surface out here. Yea!! I am not the only one now!

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  2. I sent a message here and have had no reply about what I’ve found that is similar, plus what I believe are well worn dino bones and scutes. We live in Wilton, Ca. which is just outside Elk grove towards the south east of.

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