News Concerning Fossils Found in California:

2021: One of the biggest fossil finds in California history has revealed ancient elephants, camels, and bone-crushing dogs (Oakland)

2021: Park Ranger Stumbles Upon Treasure Trove of Several-Million-Year-Old Fossils in Northern California

2018: Molecular fossils from phytoplankton reveal secular Pco2 trend over the Phanerozoic

2016: Extending the History of Crocs in California

2016: Gigantic Spike-Toothed Salmon Swam In California Rivers 5 Million Years Ago

2016: New species discovered at Pembina Gorge fossil dig

2015: Paleontologists Discover Oldest Known Fur Seal

2014: Rare whale fossil found in California backyard

2014: 12-Million-Year-Old Whale Skull Fossil Found Hiding In Plain Sight At California School

2014: Herpetocetus morrowi: New Fossil Species of Dwarf Baleen Whale Discovered

2014: Semirostrum ceruttii: Scientists Discover Extinct Porpoise with Unique Underbite

2014: Balaenoptera bertae: New Fossil Whale Species Discovered

2013: Researchers Determine Age of Weaning in Neanderthals

2013: Scientists Find Remains of Ancient Tectonic Plate beneath California

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