Submission: Santa Paula Creek

Location: 34°26’20.0″N 119°05’01.4″W

Fossil: Turritella Snail Shells, Oyster Drill Snail Shells, and Fossil Bivalves from Santa Paula Creek flood plain downstream from “Punchbowls” waterfalls. – I was told the Bivalves could be any of or a mix of Cucullaea, Glycymeris, and Glycymerita. – Unknown Eras.

Submitted: May 31, 2019

Guide to Finding Fossils at Elk Head


From Arcata, North on Hwy. 101, take the Trinidad exit.

Geology of the Area:

Around 500,000 years ago (Pleistocene Epoch), this area was an intertidal zone with tidepools and serge channels. 

Paleontology of the Area:

“trace fossils”, which are hundreds of holes made by pholads or boring clams, along with mussels, dogwinkles and worm tubes.

Other Fossil Sites Nearby:

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All information cited from:

“5 Top Fossil Sites Around Humboldt Bay”,